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Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Hydrangea: generic name derived from the Greek words: (ὕδωρ hydra) which means "water" and ἄγγος (gea) which means "vase" or "glasses of water" in reference to the characteristic shape of its cup-shaped capsules !

The most common way to multiply hydrangeas is through cuttings taken after flowering, mainly in autumn or spring. Rooted conditions require partial shade, a high degree of humidity, good drainage to avoid puddles and not too low temperatures.

Hydrangea has been cultivated since ancient times as an ornamental plant in Japan, and since the mid-19th century also extensively in other areas of the world with temperate climates. It is a very popular ornamental plant due to its enormous flower heads. The H. macrophylla species is the most widely cultivated, with about 600 known cultivars. Regular pruning prevents the shrub from growing too high, which usually causes the weight of the stems to become excessive, and the tips of the stems can bend to the ground and split.

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Carlos Carmona
Carlos Carmona
Feb 08, 2018

Making your days happier with flowers!!!

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